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Why Readers Read: What Every Writer Needs to Know

Why do we read? I really did not think about this question in depth. Of course, I can tell you that I do it because I like it, that those stolen hours that you lost in the pages are exciting, stimulating to escape. But I never thought, and as a psychologist with a radical theory rooted in science and the evolution that I have to have, that history is really an important part of our lives.

Think about it, unlike other traffic times: quilting, croquettes or gambling: each person makes the story in one way or another. I hate books, my husband loves watching television, my son gets absorbed in dragon breeding games or in the construction of divided forests. Children take My Little Pony plastic and build families and plan great adventures. Adults take painted figures and build empires and plan to lose their enemies. Gossip is a story, seeing a psychologist is all to tell your story, and marketing professionals know that a good story will invest in their products. I realized that history is everywhere.

Which means that escaping is not a sufficient reason to have a story with us. It is true that the loss in history is not intelligent: for centuries, it was very necessary to keep the eye of the sword that the Tigers need to survive, until the modern era, where the mortgage of food is found in your refrigerator. The story was so widespread and universal that it survived the hard-core mill, that relentless process that hides everything that does not guarantee that our race is here to produce future generations. If it does not guarantee our survival, then cut it. He went

It is extinct.

Why then, why is the story still there? Why is it deeply woven into the layers of our lives?

Basically, the story was, and still is, our first virtual reality. As it is safer for flight pilots to simulate, we learn complex life lessons through the experience of others. In the same way that pilots prefer to make their mistakes closer to the ground, we will see what can happen if the baby incubator does not become what we thought it was, how zombies are made, what a serial killer is capable of, how navigate a miserable world. Have an affair with your neighbor. In real life, mistakes can be devastating to both pilots and us. With history, we have to do all this and more, all without a sudden landing.

Evolution believes that this was so important that it linked us to history. In fact, I thought it was important, that it was very much included in our gray matter in two important ways. The first thing that happened to us was the exploration at the cellular level. The neurons are creepy, spider cells that make up our brain material. They are small shoots that keep information in the brain and body. The relatively recent discovery of mirror neurons, the cells that are activated when doing something, but also when you see someone else doing it. Oh, how to listen to a story, watch a movie … or read a book! Optical neurons are the reason why we feel enthusiastic when we watch sports, why we retire from the seats and turn our eyes away from a horror movie.