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The Murder of a Writer

She was lying on the pedestrian path looking at her own shadow in the mirror of time. His whole trip seemed to be chasing the mirage in search of water. She struggled with a few crumbs of bread, wrote some pieces as a ghostwriter. Others used their writing skills for the needs of the organization and paid only enough to maintain them year after year. She worked hard to revitalize the brand day by day with all her mental abilities. But every time he asked for an increase, he was rejected.

After 3 years of online I understood that I had an idea that the place would not make any cheese and that it was time to explore new projects, so he did. Another place was happy, believing that this place is now the place to benefit from it, even if it is too small. But pressure systems in most advertising agencies are something that real writers can not face. So she suffered more. The money flowed a little, he managed to save something for the future at the end, but the inner nostalgia of the writer who was recognized for his writing continued to die, unless it was reduced to a language verifier, editor and technical writer.

The book is born with extraordinary courage because this is what their circumstances claim. So she held her head high when she broke inside and was mutilated with self-esteem. 5 years down the line and I forgot the taste of Moses and the words of amazement and delicious creative ideas in his mouth. The words that she danced in her will and the thoughts that came uninvited were left alone in the midst of all these commitments, harassments and observations of the spirits of the elders.

7 years online and lost all confidence in their dreams of flying. 8 years online, he has another job in a different field, forgetting everything about his writing power. But the spark of fire continues to fail completely.

9 years online I stopped thinking about writing. In this stage of life, she writes only when she is completely destroyed, she reads at night and relaxes her soul since she has not died yet.