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The Difference Between Academic Writing And Business Writing

Academic writing is formal, it is often used as a third person and a passive voice. Commercial writing is less formal and more direct and concise using active sound.
Long sentences are good in academic writing, but they are very stressful when writing business.
Students need to demonstrate a broad vocabulary to use complex words and long sentences. Business writers should get their ideas quickly, so they use simple words and short sentences.

Let’s look at these differences in more detail:

Students write to show learning!
There are schools, colleges and universities to share knowledge and help students do the same. The best way to describe the writing produced by students in the academy is to “write to illustrate what you have learned”.

Students write to discuss and explore different topics, to argue a case, to demonstrate what they have learned to teachers and professors. They need to demonstrate their ability to think and apply what they have learned. Students must convince readers of a particular theory or develop information obtained from the research.

Writing students refer to coaches or teachers, it refers to how their brains work, how much they know and what they think and feel about certain topics.

In academic writing, students write to show learning, to impress!

Business writers write to do things!
In the business world, we write to share information, solve problems, propose new strategies, negotiate contracts, inform progress to interested parties, etc.

When we write in business, to managers, employees, customers, suppliers, interested parties, etc., we need to provide clear information and explain what we want or what we want others to do. Business authors often recommend specific studies about the work of readers. Therefore, writing in business contexts can be described as “write to do”.