Friday , February 1 2019
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Spam in Your Comment Section

Anyone who writes on the Internet does it because they like to write. Some have pictures they want to share. Some share the treatment. Any ideas. Most people write about experience and share what they have learned with others who want to learn. Those who share social networks also have answers and interactions with those who read their writings. This is where they make friends, share ideas, where we are satisfied with what we do.

Then there are the spammies.

Spammies attacks all types of social networks, emails and blogs in particular. The season has been open recently for those who have nothing but to create chaos.

This is a real comment from a real follower:

Very beautiful I hear you in “a squeak of my joints and a creak of my muscles”. I definitely want to work that year too. Happy new year, Claudia! I wish you wonderful things in 2016! “Madi

Somehow, the last time I lost the yellow brick road. I love your story! Thanks for repeating … Profundo

Subscribers and non-subscribers usually point to something specific in their writing. There are times when you get “I really love this!” Or “Great publication!” , But usually the followers already know them. (I know, sometimes I use less than 5 words too).

But spam is always someone you do not know, usually does not have a legitimate image or link and often talks about things unrelated to your participation. Generally, you have general praise to keep doing what you do. For example:

Surely his writing is very convincing and maybe that’s why I’m doing my best to think. Second, although I am easily aware of the jumps of why you are doing, I am not really sure how you seem to unify the ideas that produce the final end result. For the moment, I will undoubtedly share your position, but I will trust in the foreseeable future in which your data is better connected. Tata


Thanks for the comment and share this story. Somehow, when these things are happening, I tend to listen to myself as well. As if I were an adult or something. But after having been in the workplace for a long time, I have noticed how often this is repeated when ignoring a co-worker who does not like …

These are only a few. You can immediately see that it has nothing to do with what you wrote. I have seen many other people in which a mysterious person says: “Your blog is very useful, I thank you to write these things.” They are general and have no purpose. Usually, they choose old blogs where nobody goes anymore. I saw conversations between two different people on a completely different topic in my comments section.

I do not know how they get there or what they want there. I do not know if they are just manipulating or if they take the information from my site or simply try to receive me in order to continue with the deception. But I do not trust any message that does not come through the front door. I do not appreciate invading my personal survey by people who play in my house without my knowledge.