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Organising The Perfect Library

The novels and fiction books take you out of reality and make you dream with your eyes wide open. There is something very relaxing after being delighted when one reads an exciting novel. Each novel has a memory attached, but also takes up space in the bedroom or living room. So how do you keep the sound of your favorite novels while making room for more?

In this week’s article, we will give you some simple tips and tricks in the library of residential libraries that will appeal aesthetically and emotionally.

Then, before choosing a strategy to organize your library, a person should go to the task.

Follow this simple checklist:
A) How many books should be organized?
B) What shelf space is available for all books?
C) How many times will you buy new books?

Once these answers are clear in your mind, you can proceed to plan your library.

The reason for doing this exercise is that you will have an idea of ​​how to organize, if you need an additional shelf to build, etc. Moreover, when you are halfway there, you will begin to make changes.

Now, go to different methods of storing your books.

Go through ABCD

The first thing we learn at school is ABCD, which is the English alphabet. This strategy is often used by many parts of the world. It is an easy and effective way to organize your books so you do not have to waste your time looking for them. But one must decide the method of organization, be it the name auhor or in terms of the name of the book. Putting the books in alphabetical order based on the last letter of the author’s name in the title helps the shelf look more orderly. Now, if you use this method, you must have a good memory that you can count on. Imagine having books where the author’s name starts with T or P and is silent. The moment of Hara Kerry. This method of organizing the book is very reliable and simple as A for apples.

The title is important

When we say the title, we do not mean British properties like “Sir”, “Madame” and others. In fact, we show respect for the author’s title. Yes, many readers remember that the titles of the books are easier than the name of the author. Go to Quick Scan and you will not be disappointed. Approach your bookshelf as if it were a table to organize a large group. It would be a bad host if you put the enemy next to each other and the old lovers across the table. The books are also combined with good wine and some cheese.