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Self-Care for Writers: Key Issues, Key Steps

Start a new exciting writing project. You had an idea, planned chapters, it was time to write. When I work on a book I write for hours, I constantly think about the reviews and even look back on my dream. However, if I do not look at myself, I can become obsessed with writing. I work longer than I should, I leave my homework, I have back pain and I have two crimes.

None of these things reinforces the writing. As I write, I think of my disabled spouse and my caregiving duties. Although I take care of him, sometimes I do not take care of myself. To be producers, the book must take care of its physical and emotional being. Self-care can prevent debilitating colds, long-term illnesses and gradual depletion. Here are some suggestions for you.

Adjust your seat. Mayo Clinic says in its article “Office of the work environment: your guidance guide, that the knees should be at the level of your hips when you are sitting in a computer chair”. My chair is comfortable but it does not support the lower part of my back, so I use a small pillow made of a cloth bag. From the airport store, something useful.

Use the comfort of the foot. You can not reach the ground if you are a low person. The solution is to put your feet in a small chair or in a pile of books. My feet are usually flat on the ground. However, after having been working for a long time, I am worried about the veins in my legs, my legs are stretched and I rest in a chair at the bottom of the computer table.

Move Short breaks are surprisingly effective. I wake up every half hour, do some stretching and walk around the room. You can do this or walk instead. In the article, “Exercise 33 Intelligent Ways to Work at Work” was filmed on Greatest’s site. Describe jogging with difficulty, squats, lean your back to the wall, exercises with chairs and more. Choose some exercises and do them regularly.

Eat healthy snacks The calories in light foods are added quickly. In fact, they could equal an entire meal. Limit sweet and salty snacks. You will find more ideas on “10 healthy snacks in your office”, by Laila Chamaeva, in Count Count of Calorie Count. Recommend cups of grains, nuts, whole grain crackers, peanut butter, dried fruit and fruit cups sealed in water. Technically, water is not a snack, but it is advisable to keep bottled water by hand. “He went down all day and saw productivity and improved mood,” the author wrote.

Goal for eight hours of sleep. Even if you are an “owl of the night” you need to rest enough. Try to sleep at the same time every night. Reduce the temperature in your bedroom to promote sleep. Avoid large projects and television programs before going to sleep, as they can keep you awake. The body pillow can help you sleep more comfortably.