Friday , February 1 2019
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My Reflections – My Present Perception on the Surroundings

It seems that the great Trinity of God has stopped seeing us.
The venerated Mount of God does not take care of us either.
The holy water has stopped taking care of us.
The great authorities of the temple no longer watch over us.
Our peers are not watching.
Our secret society does not care about us.
Those who look, I consider them my loyal natural friends.
Those who have not seen, I appreciate them as my respectable and divine friends.
I come to the same methods.
I’m entering
I feel like I’ve lived my whole life.
I no longer feel hungry
I no longer feel thirsty
If I eat food
But, frankly, I do not understand what food means to me now.
Do you think you’re brave enough?
Well, I feel a certain amount of methodical courage.
What I feel is that it is a strong sun that causes hunger and thirst.
Both thirst and hunger are now uneven
I do not want to escape from food and water without
It is true that if the situation requires it, I am ready to make concessions.
This means that the only way to remain in our plant will be very difficult.
I know I’m sorry to help everyone.
However, the problem is that people seem to doubt my vision, my feelings and my words.
I understand that today people are ambitious just to make boats full of money.
Adwaita is the key to inner nature.
Today’s success is measured only by the softness of our words
Today’s failure determines the natural result of the annoying words.
Yes, I’m sure I know all the art.
I am positively aware of each cat
I know all the animals
I am familiar with all
If someone challenges me, he will survive.
If you mind listening to my words, they will not survive.
I’m sure I’m already a master
I’m sure I’m already reading
I’m sure I’m constantly stuck
I also know that I was withered
I know that the moon and the sun do not really listen.
Mars and Earth have been silent for a long time
It seems that Jupiter and Jupiter are crying
The planets of Neptune and other planets seem to tremble
The grand universe actually retreats.
Creation began to unbalance.
Nature seems to withdraw.
The sun seems to take off
The moon looks as if it is constantly dispersing.
Here I listen constantly
If I listen
If this continues
The creation will collapse as soon as possible
No, I will not survive.
But then, people, others, will survive.
I fully understand that my understanding is not fully compatible with people’s understanding
Yes, I am fully aware that I am a discontented commander.
Frankly, if someone feels worthy of my presence, he is lucky.
I’m right to move towards just justice
If someone poses an obstacle, he will definitely lose.
All creation is on the way to collapse.
If I listen a lot
But no, I will not.