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More Interesting Dialogue

There is a war of words in the writer’s world. Some say that when it comes to an effective dialogue label, “said” or “said” is all you need. They argue that the word “said” is invisible to the reader and, therefore, does not interrupt the flow of the spoken word. However, there is a growing opposition to this rule that can not be ignored. As a guide, I ask you to write a sentence, 300 ways to say happy in any search engine. In less than half a second, my search on Google got more than 15 million results.

Does that mean using the saying / bad saying? No, but let me ask you this, do you use exactly the same word at the beginning of each chapter? Do you always put an explanation tag at the end of each sentence explaining the procedure? The key is not that the rule is incorrect, it is simply incomplete. Have you ever heard the saying “money is the root of all evil?” I’m not here to talk about religious philosophy, but the phrase is “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Instead of saying “he / she is the only sign of dialogue you will need”, I would say, “he said it is an excellent start signal”. The dialogue label is a small statement before or after the actual dialogue. Most people use it to let the reader know who is talking, but it does not have to end there.

The dialogue is used to create work, to move the story, not to frustrate the reader. While using the same phrase over and over again can be annoying, just using a different phrase each time can be worse. In other words, if your list says 300 ways to say happy, do not use the 300 methods in the same story.

When a writer creates a scene written visually, but when he writes a dialogue he writes what he hears, so we often use phrases such as silently or loudly or silently. The problem in most circumstances is that they say more than they seem.

One of my favorite quotes from Stephen King is: I think the road to hell is paved, and I will shout it from the rooftops. In other words, they are like dandelion. If you have one in your garden, they look beautiful and unique.

If you can not eliminate it, you will find five the next day … fifty days later … And then, brothers and sisters, your garden is completely covered with dandelion plants.