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Metaphors Gone Wild: Poetry and Leadership

“The woman is a foreign land,” said the poet Coventry Batmore, “even if it is established there, man will never understand, habits, politics, language.” The French recognized and celebrated the contrasting risk areas in the three-word phrase “Live the difference!”

Disturb the opposition

Leaving aside gender differences, the incubation of antibodies is an excellent way to stimulate creative thinking. Yes, it often leads him to visit exotic foreign lands, reflecting deeply on his creative and intense goals, to explore differences that he may not fully understand. But, as all leaders know, if you want others to be influenced by your words and then tell them they will never forget what you said about one or the other, choose the expressions carefully. One way to achieve memory is to put the antibodies together in the same sentence. Here are examples for you to study.

The Arabic proverb: “You can forget who you laughed with, but you will never forget who wept.”

John Kennedy: “We often enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

Anonymous: “It’s easy to know all the answers if you do not listen to the questions.”

Japanese proverb: “To live a long time, keep your head cool and your feet warm.”

Earl Wilson: “Success is simply a matter of luck.

A label in Silano, Italy: “As it was, it used to be.


Antibodies often appear as contradictions in the workplace. I refer to this as the “paradox of organization.” One of the organizational analogical contradictions faced by managers / leaders is the need to lead (or perceive the future) while recognizing current circumstances. (This is the basis for analyzing the power of Lewin’s power, in fact, that analyzes the current situation to reach the ideal state). When Max DeBere tells us, in leadership it is an art, that the main responsibility of the leader is to define reality, encourages us to create the conditions they need.