Friday , February 1 2019
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Grammar Is Your Friend

We all have our pets, right?

In an annoying society there are many annoying habits that make your skin crawl and your patience disappear. People chew with their mouths open, smell, breathe, cough, talk … I can keep working. This only depends on your tolerance level.

But there is something recently that is grinding me more than all the noise of the body.

Bad rules.

Maybe because I’m a writer / verifier / editor that bothers me a little more than you. But I can not help but wonder what happened to teach grammar rules: spell and speak.

With the automatic and correct expectation of the word in each computer on this planet, you may think that the correct words will only appear. But even automatic correction can not help to choose the wrong words. Self-correction can not help those who think the word incorrect or misspelled.

The rules are not space science. It’s common sense. Something that many people lack.

It is one thing if you write the wrong word. In the rush to write something, at work and at home, I chose the wrong format / spelling / tension. I almost always take my mistakes in linguistic scrutiny. But I have met some people, professionals, who constantly make mistakes when manipulating, distorting and distorting English. These are often the tallest figures, students with degrees, who should know better.

I know I look like an old woman, but at least I’m a grammatically correct old woman. They do not study a script in schools these days, but speaking and writing well is as important as ever. I hear a lot of slow English these days: modern language, non-sophisticated static letters, half words. In some circles it can mean money – career record, stand in comedy. But outside of this rare atmosphere will not take you far. You need to know how it is spelled. You need to know your syntax.

Even if you do not know what the syntax means.

I know that English is one of the most confusing languages ‚Äč‚Äčaround you. I mean, in how many ways can you spell where? Wear, wear? Ware? But in today’s world, this is not an excuse. When I see a professional message that starts with “Goof Morning”, I have problems. One thing is that the text “You’re my boyfriend boobs” instead of “You’re my best friend”, but not in an office note