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Gautama Buddha – A Charismatic Spiritual Leader

Gautama Buddha is a legendary example of disinterest. Buddha was born into an aristocratic family, but he preferred to live a wandering life and seek tranquility.

King Suddodana, the father of Sidhartha Gautama, tried to lock him up in the great palace, surrounded by intricate terrestrial meadows. Exquisite jewels, ready-made clothes, delicious cuisine and royal servants were available to get rid of Siddhartha, but the young prince was less interested in illusions. Siddhartha has been horrified to know the harsh realities of life, such as the consequences of aging, the weak body of diseases and the destruction of knowing the eternal truth of life: death. However, the young prince liked to observe the divine glow on the face of the ascetic who abandoned public life. Later, Gautama ignored the consolation and greatness of salvation. He adopted the path of atonement and meditation in his search for eternal peace.

After the realization of Enlightenment, Gautama emphasized one of his sermons: “This material world is like prison, most of us are trapped in the vicious circle of joy, happiness, lust, pain and sadness”. The Buddha also said: desire and interdependence weaken human capacities. Human beings seek joy and prosperity, but their attempts to get rid of pain.

People from all walks of life began to approach the Buddha and pleaded for his care. The enlightened Gautama was the periphery of mercy. He was an advocate of nonviolence and peace and stressed that luxury is a moment. The divine aura of the Buddha was clear when he managed to transform the personality of Angulimala, a serial murderer in cold blood. The Buddha emphasized spiritual progress and urged his followers to recognize the importance of life.

Lord Gautama Buddha is aptly known as “the light of Asia.” For a long time, almost forty-five years, Buddha traveled to the plains of the Ganges spreading spirituality. He proposed the divine path of tranquility for humans, still relevant in the 21st century. Nirvana means putting out the fire of desire, hatred, revenge and ignorance that allows the human spirit to become independent of an endless cycle of childbirth and suffering. Boda was always aware of her commitment to the principle of non-violence and sanctified the mind of bad thoughts.