Saturday , February 2 2019
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Endless Media Dilemma

At the time of writing, there are almost innumerable amounts of means to accommodate. You have books, comics, TV shows, music, movies, online videos, social networks and many more that I can not think of. People have created things over time and continue to create this moment. It seems that the amount of time it will take to digest everything infinitely multiplies. Given the daily work necessary to maintain a healthy body, the parts of the day go from two hours to thousands of hours of reading, watching or listening to something. Let me tell you sometimes that you are in conflict with the infinite choices.

With some reading materials, decisions are endless with reading books, comics, manga or visual novels. You can go to something significant with a biography / biography of a remarkably real person, glamorous visual adventures of a black and white story with cross in the chapters of friends who live daily school life or make new friends mostly in static images. What you can read is not limited to words only. All these options were very attractive at the time they were discovered. What I did not know was that these numerous options eventually increased the accumulation. Many of these reasons include achieving your long-term commitment. The media can also reach an uncomfortable moment and can leave me for a while. After choosing something else, the book can be forgotten and recognized only when something else is over. This usually happens with a series that will launch a new entry every month or some period of time.