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Designing a Fantasy World

Everything you write involves dealing with a world, whether it’s talking on stage, in gymnastics or in the field you designed. Many authors establish their writings in the universe known as known masters, and some of them add magical or fictitious creatures. Some may prefer to create their own universe. The late Jim Rohn said there were some things that she would accept. Like, why does spring follow winter, or does the sun shine in the east? When God is, make the dawn wherever you want. We will play God and we will create a world.

There are several ways to draw your world and use the three most popular ones. The first and the oldest is a pencil and a paper, either manually or plotted. Sometimes I used a dim projector to illuminate part of the floor of my wall and my paper. When the computers came out, I used a drawing program to redraw the map, but I used the pixels, which are distorted in the zoom to see better. I recently started using vector maps, which allows an unobstructed zoom, but it takes longer to learn. Choose the best method for you.

Using the Earth as a scenario is easier than creating a new world. Designing a world in which you can believe in all its complexities can be a daunting task, but when it is complete, you can take your own life. There are many possible starting points. Some will start big with the world, the solar system or bigger. Others may start at the other end of the spectrum with individual personalities and work in a big way. I prefer to start in the middle and work in both directions. The first thing I designed in my world is Shen Shiren. After that, I worked in the surroundings, before returning to the city and working in specific stores and buildings. In the course of this exercise, we will begin with the Earth and its systems, including any moon.