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Camp NaNoWriMo – Ready, Set, Go

I’ve been writing one way or another for several years, but there’s one thing I’ve never done is participate in NaNoWriMo. I was close to November, but I found 50,000 words in 30 days. Then I discovered that they also offer the NaNoWriMo camp, which allows you, among other things, to set your writing goals. It starts in a few days (April 1), so I thought it would be great to document the trip.

How to subscribe

When you go to you will see several sections that you must complete. The Account Settings section includes basic elements such as name, email and password. Remember to include an image so that others recognize your publications immediately.

The information section for campers allows you to tell others more about you. I will need some time to plan and polish your dynamic department. Who knows, you may need it when you post your story. Remember to include the link to your website if you have a link. Some of these contacts can last more than 30 days.

The Project Information section includes a summary, a crop and a cover photo. If this is your first project, you may or may not have all of this yet. But like the CV section, these things will be important when you post later. This is where you can attract the attention of your readers as soon as possible.

The configuration of the cabin is where you choose your support group. Depending on the information you provide, you can group up to 19 other books of this type or you can choose to group them with a book you already know. Although there may be thousands of participants, this is where you connect and make personal connections.

How to install

Depending on whether you start from scratch or work on an existing project, there are certain things you should think about before the first day. In my case, I started with a word originally, but I have been using Scrivener for the past few months. I had to make sure that everything I was working on was in the right way. Now decide the font and size of the text, and how you plan to track your number of words.

If you have an existing starting point, read it several times before starting to write again. If you still do not have a drawing fee, now is the right time to create a drawing. There is nothing more embarrassing than having a blue-eyed character on a page and several chapters later describing the dark brown eyes.

The way you organize your story can vary a lot. Some people write some character names and a basic summary in one paragraph, while others write a detailed 30-page summary that includes each planned point. Personally, I start somewhere in between. I use the role of Beat that I create specifically for this story. I use the three infrastructures that give me a beginning, a half and an end with many key points that I want to cover. All this is a sheet of paper that you used as a road map.

How to get

Set the time and space to write sounds that are theoretically good, but do not close them down in a timeline, so it’s coming out. If you usually write in the morning but have a family emergency, try writing that night. You may be surprised what a different perspective can do.

Rule number one when it is written. I know the sounds seem clear, but what I’m eating is … there’s time to write and time to edit. Do not do it at the same time. I used to spend an hour rewriting a paragraph. The objective here is not to write a totally polished novel, ready to publish and awarded. The objective is to complete the initial draft. The rest you can do later.