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What Do the Best Hairstylists Say About Dry Shampoo?

You may have noticed that dry shampoo gets a little more shelf space at your favorite beauty product store. Hair stylists prefer dry shampoo to keep the hair after an extra day or two because of the miraculous power. And there is an extra bonus: washing less often helps to prolong the life of your color and prevent excessive drying, which can result from excessive washing and heat-style. But is this special hair care product suitable for you?

Would you like to ask your hairdresser if dry shampoo is suitable for your hairstyle? But first, ask yourself about the product first. Will it help in making that special downgrade for any occasion or public program? Or do you need the right product for a perfect French brand or other special styles? Maybe you want to free your hair and you want to curl a bit curly. Then a dry shampoo is something for you. It is easy to understand by seeing how many everyday people enjoy this type of product, why the best hair stylists like to use it.

Stylists share their dry shampoo and do not care for large, oil-free hair.


When using dry shampoo, make sure that you spray at least five to six centimeters of spray from the hair roots. Spraying very close to the root can produce uneven distribution and product. Dry shampoo also comes in the form of a powder, if you prefer aerosol versions.

While you treat your hair with each product, it is true that a few minutes can be extra, especially if you are in a hurry. But if you put dry shampoo in your hair, it is very important to wait a few minutes after you apply it before styling your hair. With this, the product can be set. You can comb or fly as usual.

If you feel like it, try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils after a few minutes of dry shampoo. To prevent your hair from becoming greasy again, do not apply oil in the hair roots – instead of oil in the middle, concentrate and remove your stress. Your hair will smell fresh and clean and a good natural glow will develop!

Do not:

Do not try to use dry shampoo for two consecutive days. Once you have reached that third day, it is time to wash your hair. No decision here, just a suggestion for a friendly stylist! On the third day, dry shampoo will not keep that big hair in place – it can just do the opposite – get wet. Wash, feed the scalp and start.

Do not worry if you spray too much. Once it has been set, brush your hair through your hair to help absorb your hair.

Do not use it on wet hair. Although it works on the oil, it does not mix well with water and can be sticky and messy. There is a reason that it is called dry shampoo …

There are a number of decent special hair products that can be found in a store or pharmacy. But for the person who is selective about hair products and wants to maintain a beautiful look, even after leaving the hairdresser’s chair, some good professional salon treatments are dry shampoo.

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