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Tips To Store Your Perfume Well – Make Your Costly Fragrances Last

You have spent a lot of money on a beautiful perfume, which makes you feel beautiful and confident. Would not you want you to stay longer? If you are not careful, you can lose very little; Certainly a lot of waste of your money. If you know that you store your perfume collection well, you do not have to worry about this incident.

Never store your perfume bottles in direct sunlight, because the UV rays in the sun change the chemical composition of perfumes. It is very likely that a completely different smell will start and even your ability to stay on the skin longer.

– Likewise, you should keep odors away from heat, which can lead to disruption and evaporation. You do not have to keep them in your fridge; Will make a cupboard or drawer.

– Your bathroom is not a good place to store your perfume from this time because of excess moisture and heat in this place. There is no doubt that you can keep your perfume here, but you have to resist temptation.

– Once you have used it, place the lid back onto the perfume bottle. This prevents damage due to evaporation.

– If you have to travel often, it is best to take a small amount of travel bottle. Alternatively, you can buy a small bottle of your favorite scent for your trip. This is also a good idea if you often want to reuse your perfume.

– Do not move your perfume bottles before applying them to your skin. There is no point in doing this, but you run the risk of changing the structure of the liquid.

– Keep your perfume collection in a place where the risk of falling and collapsing is smaller. You have to carefully pack them for the journey. A broken bottle of perfume in your suitcase is not only a waste of money, but it can also ruin packaged clothing and other things in suitcases.

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