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Can Onions Be A Beauty Product?

Raw or onions like these are beneficial to health because they contain flavonoid and polyphenols – one of the largest categories of phytonutrients in the diet. Do you know that we have to eat a large raw onion a day so that certain types of cancer can be kept away; Which includes colorectal, learned and ovarian cancer? In addition, the sulfur compounds provide protection against the heart and blood vessels against a fatal heart attack!

From dull hair to the age spots and the appearance of the skin, can there be an onions beauty product? Apart from the fact that I am surprised, I will not hesitate to consider the modest onions … which are my way as one. Why not This is due to its goodness compared to making your soup or curry delicious! By being naturally sour, you can use yourself to your advantage to make yourself more attractive … if you are interested and ready to learn.

Here are some tips for it:

For those who radiate – use them in the hair mask, because the acids close the hair follicles, so your hair will look shiny.

Use them as a conditioner – grind a large onion and use it with a portion of coconut or olive oil to rinse the hair. Leave it for two hours before washing it with shampoo. This makes a bright conditioner for your crown glory.

Dilute the hair with onion and honey – Mix a large raw grated flour, two tablespoons of honey and rub it on your scalp. Let the mixture stand overnight, wrap your head with a towel. Do it twice a week. Oh! It sounds ridiculous, right? What is the smell and inconvenience that you can overcome? But this can help if you do it a few hours a day, even if you can not do it right away.

Cutting out the sting – it’s surprising, it does this! You have to cut a raw large onion in half. Then rub half of the skin over the affected part of the insect bite. It contains a compound known as quercetin, which inhibits the enzymes involved in allergies – and thus reduces the effect of insect bites and nettles.

Reducing pigmentation and dark spots – peel containing an extraction of onions increases cell renewal. Simply mix fresh juice with the juice and then massage it on your face and hands for fifteen minutes. To view the results, create them daily. It may take some time, but be patient.

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