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Better Skin From Within: Choosing Nuts and Seeds for Skin Health and Appearance

If you think of better skin, do you think of creams, powders, laser treatments or masks? Most people do this, but it is the treatments that only focus on the outer part of the skin. During the prevention of irritability, cleanliness of the skin, protection of the sun and the provision of moisture levels are all important parts of your skin to make it look and brilliant … Have you thought about it to make your skin better than within??

External methods are not the only ones you can use to get better skin health. By eating the right food, you give your body the necessary building block to make the body strong, elastic and healthy inside and out. Your skin is a complex organ that needs proteins, oils, vitamins, and minerals so that it looks the best. Cell membranes (made from fatty acids), collagen, elastin (such as fibers that give skin a snapback quality), cell pigments and hydration levels are used to control. It sounds complicated, but adding tasty nuts and seeds to the menu can make it easy for you.

Anti-oxidants – What are they and how do they work to protect your skin?
Antioxidants are substances that you must protect against free radical damage. The best way to get your antioxidant is to eat them. Because you actually deliver “what you eat”, the right foods offer many free radical fighters. To know how both work, you must know: what are free radicals?

These poor molecules can be a by-product of normal metabolism. Exposure to pollutants in your environment, food or drink can also cause free radical damage. Because your skin is interrupted between you and the outside world and you become aware of all kinds of dangers all day long. Everyone is made aware of free radicals as part of everyday life, so it is important to know what they are doing and how they can reduce their effects on you.

Free radicals form when a molecule has an unpublished electron and becomes unstable. When a molecule is unstable, it steals an electron from the closest object it encounters. (Usually a cell in your body) Then the molecule that has been pillaged is a free radical, where an extra electron is used to mud it so that it becomes stable again. They can harm almost anything they come into contact with, this is why the immune system sometimes makes them and uses them as a weapon against the invaders, which is harmful. Because free radicals can cause chain reactions by storing electrons with molecules that form your cells, they can cause swelling, cell damage, and early aging signs. It is in your best interest to fight free radicals with antioxidants.

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